'Ennistymon '84: A Legacy Revisited' Get to Together

Ennistymon '84: A Legacy Revisited

In 2024, we mark the 40th anniversary of "Ennistymon '84," a transformative community arts project that ignited a cultural renaissance in Ennistymon. Titled "A Legacy Revisited," this event celebrates the pioneering spirit of the original project through a series of engaging activities, historical reflections, and artistic expressions.

Historical Context

Ennistymon, a picturesque town in North Clare, has a rich history dating back to 1564 when the O'Briens of Thomond acquired a castle by the cascading Cullenagh River. This vibrant market town evolved through the centuries, becoming an administrative and cultural hub. By the early 1980s, however, Ennistymon faced economic challenges that called for innovative solutions.

In 1984, Ennistymon became the focal point of a visionary community arts initiative sponsored by An Chomhairle Ealaíon/The Arts Council and administered by Mid-West Arts. This project, known as "Ennistymon '84," transformed the town into a dynamic canvas of creativity. It utilized unused spaces for art exhibitions, created murals, established a sculpture park, and facilitated workshops, redefining the role of the arts in community development and well-being. This year-long experiment in community engagement and cultural innovation demonstrated that the arts could be a powerful catalyst for change, bringing together people from all walks of life.

Event Highlights

On Thursday, July 18, 2024, "Ennistymon '84: A Legacy Revisited" will honor this seminal project with a day full of meaningful activities: 

Historical Tour and Roundtable Discussion: The day begins at the Courthouse Gallery with a historical tour of significant sites from the original project. Participants will then join a roundtable discussion with the original organizers of Ennistymon '84, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on the project's lasting impact and explore its relevance in addressing contemporary challenges. 

Collaborative Art Workshop: An interactive art workshop will invite participants to collaboratively explore printmaking, drawing inspiration from archived materials and discussions. This hands-on activity not only pays homage to the original project's spirit of creative exploration but also encourages new artistic endeavors.

Digital Archiving: To preserve and share the rich history of Ennistymon '84, we are digitizing and publishing original catalogs and photographs on our blog. This initiative ensures that the lessons and inspirations of the original project are accessible to a new generation, fostering a deeper understanding of the arts' role in community development.

Dinner and Social Gathering: The day will conclude with an optional dinner, providing further opportunity for connection and reflection. Participants can book their dinner reservations through our website, creating a space for continued dialogue and community bonding.

Reflecting on the Legacy

"Ennistymon '84: A Legacy Revisited" reaffirms the critical role of the arts in fostering community identity, resilience, and economic vitality. By revisiting the legacy of the original project, we aim to inspire a renewed commitment to these values, ensuring that Ennistymon continues to thrive as a beacon of cultural innovation and community spirit.

Join Us

We invite you to be a part of this special celebration. Whether you were involved in the original project or are new to the Ennistymon community, this event offers a unique opportunity to engage with our town's rich cultural heritage and contribute to its vibrant future.

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