Chromatic Constructs: The Alchemy of Film and Digital at Shane Vaughan’s Exhibition

Shane Vaughan’s "Chromatic Constructs: The Alchemy of Film and Digital" merges the tactile authenticity of film photography with the precision of digital techniques, creating a groundbreaking exploration of visual art at our Redcouch Space.

Vaughan's work involves transforming traditional black and white photographs into vibrant color prints through innovative digital manipulations, showcasing on various media from paper to glass. His approach redefines the boundaries of photographic art, inviting viewers to reconsider the roles of identity and technology in contemporary art.

Special Event: Camera Share

Don’t miss the "Camera Share" event on May 10th, a unique opportunity to engage directly with the photographic process. Vaughan will share his extensive collection of cameras, ranging from half-frame to medium format, set up for you to explore and use. This hands-on experience not only highlights the "trichrome" process used in his works but also fosters a deeper understanding of film photography.

Shane’s eclectic background as an artist and educator enhances the depth of his exhibitions, making them not just displays of technical skill but also rich, conceptual experiences inviting viewers to reflect on modern artistic expressions.

Explore This Exhibition

"Chromatic Constructs" invites you to experience the fusion of film and digital from now until June 8th. We welcome visitors Tuesday through Saturday, from 12 PM to 5 PM, with free admission.

Artist Bio

Shane Vaughan is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work navigates the intriguing intersections of lens-based media and literary expression. A graduate of LSAD and holding an MA in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art & Design, Shane has carved a niche for himself within the Irish and international art scenes through his innovative blend of analogue and digital photography techniques.

In his latest exhibition, "Chromatic Constructs: The Alchemy of Film and Digital," Shane showcases his mastery in transforming traditional black and white photographs into vibrant, color-infused images using a combination of old and new technological methods. His work challenges the viewer’s perceptions of identity and reality, exploring how technology shapes and transforms personal and collective narratives.

Shane’s artistic exploration extends beyond photography into the realm of videography and writing, where he has made significant contributions. His written works are widely published, both nationally and internationally, covering themes of selfhood, truth, and performance. His visual art has been featured in various prestigious festivals and events, including K-Fest, Noorderlicht Photo Festival, and the Cork Indie Film Festival.

A constant innovator, Shane is deeply involved in the art community as an educator, freelance videographer, and event organizer. He has directed numerous arts and poetry events under the banner of Stanzas in Limerick, which he ran from 2015 to 2019, showcasing local and national artists. His commitment to the arts is also evident in his work with various arts organizations, creating engaging multimedia content that spans dance, theatre, and orchestral performances.

Shane’s exhibitions are not only displays of his technical skills but are also conceptual explorations that invite viewers to ponder the evolving relationship between technology and artistic expression.

For more on Shane Vaughan and his work, visit May 2, 2024
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