Summer Open 2024 List of Works

1.  Noelle Gallagher Survivors, 30 x 20 cm, oil, charcoal & digital print transfer on birch panel, €690

2.  Michael Power Edge of the Woods, 20x30 cms, Oil on Wooden box panel, €590

3.  Michael Power Eruption Event, 15x20cms Unframed, Oil on Canvas Framed, €490

4.  Maureen O Neill Turf - Echoes in the Bog, 30cm x 38cm, Oil and ink on canvas, €500

5.  Edward Lee Memories Of Jubilation, 30x30cm, Acrylic on cotton rag, farmed, €300

6.  Colette O Connell it, 50x50 cm, Oil on Canvas, €650

7.  Sheila Hough Eco Gothic Feminine II, 30cm x 30cm x 4cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €850

8  Judy O'Sullivan Tod an Dreimire, 30 x 20 cm, oil, charcoal & digital print on panel, €690

9  Joesphine Geaney Landscapes Journey, 100x100cm, oil and cold wax on Linen., €1200

10  Olivia Henchy Chance, 30 X 30cm, Acrylic and mixed media on birch wood panel, €400

11  Olivia Henchy Emergence, 30 x 30cm, Acrylic and mixed media on birch wood panel, €400

12  Terri Smith Ladybird Leaves, 80x100cm framed, ink on paper, €650

13  Siobain O'Brien A Clockwork Garden, 60x60cm, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, €600

14  Alexandra Thompson Flow II, 16inch x 16inch, Fine Art Photograph, €360

15  Joan O'Connell Windswept, 50x50cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €250

16  Joseph Kelly Loop head light, 61x81cm, oil on canvas, €1900

17  Donal Kelly Nogra, February 2022, 70x70cm, Film photography fine art print (framed), €340

18  Heather Flynn i, 24cm x 18cm, Oil and Cold Wax on board, €95

19  Patricia Kavanagh Storm Approaching Crab Island,30x40cm, Oil on Canvas, €300

20  Joanna Gammell Spanish Point Trio, 19x27inches framed, Oil on Deep €400

21  Bebhinn Dunne Is this the place?, 30x30cm, Acrylic on canvas, €190

22  Ber Earley In The Blue, 25cm x 25cm, Al Fresco Painting, Set in Resin, €250

23  Caitriona O Sullivan Clondorney Gorse, 600mm x 420mm, Chalk Pastel on Paper, €250

24  Clare Delacy Hartigan Where The Heron Live, 60cm x 90cmx 5cm, Oil on Canvas, €1100

25  Mary Louise Hynes Shortcut Trail, 20cm x 20cm, Oil on canvas, €180

26  Pauline Dunleavy Fanore Beach, 70x50cm, Oil on deep edge canvas, €400

27  Jackie O'Mahony-Crow Fanore Beach, Wild Atlantic Way', 72 x 62 cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €350

28  Anne Maree Barry Red Rock Digital Print 2003/2019  Editions 1/10 Price €350 ea framed 

29  Anne Maree Barry Red Rock Digital Print 2003/2019  Editions 1/10 Price €350 ea framed

30  Anne Maree Barry Red Rock text 2003/2019  Editions 1/10 Price €350 ea framed

31  Ger Kenny War Games, 60x85cm, Oil on canvas, €950

32  Barry Wrafter Uncloseting, 600mm by 800mm, Acrylic on canvas, €800

33  Zuzana Jezikova Nocturnal Duet, 50x50cm, Acrylics on canvas, €560

34  Jackie Mc Grath Roll up, roll up, 10 x 12 framed, photography, €50

35  Donal Kelly Fanore, February 2022, 70x70cm, Film photography fine art print (framed), €340

36  Tony Gunning Misty Cottage, 40cm x 50cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €650

37  Tony Gunning The Red Door, 40cm x 50m, Acrylic on Canvas, €650

38  James Wellwood Blue Parlour', 70x100cm, Oil on Linen, €400

39  Carol Feeney Long Walk Galway, 75 cm W x 50cm H, Oil on canvas, €370

40  Vinisha Green California Dream, 60cm x 80cm, Oil on Canvas, €475.00

41  Patricia Doyle Uphill to the clouds, 40x60cm, oil on canvas, €340

42  Tony Gunning Derelict Farmhouse, Kilfenora., 18cm x 24cm, Acrylic on MDF, €250

43  Eileen Collins Ageing Beauty, 12 x 12 inch., Oil on canvas, €390

44  Rayleen Clancy Nightshade, 40cmx 40cm, Stained Glass Light Box, €800

45  Ana Colomer Birdman ll, 96 x 61 cm, Acrylic on canvas, €750

46  Bo Dzierwa Red strings of fate, 18cmx18cm, Polaroid emulsion lift, €90

47  Bo Dzierwa Solvation thoughts, 18cmx18cm, Polaroid emulsion lift, €90

48  Bo Dzierwa Heartstrings games, 18cmx18cm, Polaroid emulsion lift, €90

49  Ceri Garfield Untitled III, 59x56cm, Photography - Darkroom Print, €800

50  Myra O'Reilly 'Afterglow', 60cm x 70cm, Oil on Canvas, €500.00

51  Fionnuala Quinn LICKS, 30.5cmx36.5cm, Mixed media  watercolour and graphite collage, €290

52  Marie Connole Atlantic Aura, 65 x 48cm, Watercolour and Ink on Paper, €680

53  Orla Barry On the One Hand, 60x60cm, Acrylic paint on canvas board, €450

54  Blawnin Clancy We Might Have Been Alone On Earth, 60x60cm, oil on birch ply, €695

55  Blawnin Clancy Conjuring, 20x20cm, oil on birch ply, €265

56  Nuala O'Sullivan Flora, 27 X 30 cm, Oil on Canvas Board, €340

57  Philip Ryan The Gathering, 590x590mm 935x935mm framed, Oil & Acrylic on Board, €850

58  Gráinne Kelleher Echoes of the Isles, 66 x 56 cm, Acrylic on canvas framed, €300

59  Kayleigh Ryall Reflective Aesthetic, 30.4cm w x 40.6cm h, Acrylic on canvas, €

60  Sarah Mcardle Hawthorn Seasons, 45x27cm, Intaglio print, gold leaf on paper, €250

61  Sarah Mcardle Tír na nÓg, 45x27cm, Intaglio print, gold leaf on paper, €250

62  Michelle Hickey Gardín Éireannach, 73cm x 73cm, Fabriano, mixed media,, €495

63  Emma Houlihan Lunar Mandala, 26cm x 26cm, Watercolour, ink and pen, €250

64  Emma Houlihan Lunar Mandala, 35 x 35cm, Watercolour, ink and pen, €250

65  Bth Fox 12 LEMONS Further Adventures from the Gig Economy, 6.23min, HD video, €250

66  Mags Dunne Duilleog, 410 x 460mm framed, Ceramic - Earthstone and Porcelain, €240.00

67  Mary Fahy Spoiler Alert, 45x76cm, Oil on canvas, €1600

68  Elizabeth Liza Kelly Night Bedroom (Pink), 30cm X 29cm, Intaglio Collagraph Print, 

69  Elizabeth Liza Kelly Wing Chair (Pink), 23cm X 22cm, Intaglio Collagraph Print, €175

70  Sylvia Hill See no evil, 32 x 22 x 3 cm, Oil on canvas framed, €575

71  Sylvia Hill The blue door, 32 x 22 x 3 cm, Oil on canvas framed, €595

72  Moira Cunningham Catch of the Day, 50x41, Oil on canvas framed, €355

73  Bernard Dooley Potato peeler 40cmx30cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €350

74  Francine Marquis The Twins, 43x13, 58x14, Porcelain, fabric, and natural dyes., 

75  Trudi Van Der Elsen The Craic Beneath the Waves I, 2024, 100x160cm, acrylic on canvas, €3500

76  Katja Wittmer Erde, 50x50cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, €950

77  Anna Hearne Terra Incognita, 40cm x 81cm, Oil on board, €850.00

78  Jane Campbell Cathedral, 30cm x 20cm, Ceramic Stoneware, €350

79  Jane Campbell Chestnut, 30cm x 40cm, Ceramic Stoneware, €375

80  Michael Cleary South West, 50 x 110 x 30 cm, Painted Steel, €

81  Daithi Magner Sullivans John, 80mm by 100mm (There is a small Shelf with it), Sculpture, €350

82  Vincent Kelly Killorglin Laune Bridge, 20x20cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €85

83  Noreen Burke A Quiet Moment, 40x50cms400, Oil on Canvas, €400

84  Kris Kirwan Field flowers, 40x40cm, Acrylic dots on canvas, €600

85 Edel Hogan Resilio, 25x9x9, Rubber Steel Enamel, €300

86  Jessica Baron A dance of unity, 30x30cm, oil on canvas, €420

87  Ann Garry Quish Peacock, 60x50cm, Acrylic on canvas, €480

89  Philip Quinn Church Lane, 55cm x 18cm x 30cm, Cork Red Marble, 23ct Gold Leaf, €2200.00

90  Anne O'Byrne 'Undulating Rhythms', 90cm x 90cm, Acrylic on Board, €875.00

91  Samuel Walsh Drawing 557 (The Battle), 56.5x56.5cms, Acrylic gouache on paper, 

92  Samuel Walsh Drawing 556 (The Great Bow), 55.7x56.5cms, Acrylic gouache on paper, 

93  Timothy Emlyn Jones The Drop And The Ocean, 56x56cm, Acrylic on Fabriano Artistico, €975

94  Ciaran Cullen Spores 2, 600x800mm, mushroom spores on paper, €600

95  Ciaran Cullen Spores 1, 600x800mm, mushroom spores on paper, €600

96  Sematika

97  Anthony D Kelly On the Shoulders of Giants. digital print

98  Annette Treacy Light Fantastic, 25 x 25 cms, acrylic on panel, €400.00

99  Ann Kavanagh Line in Landscape, 20x28cm, Mokuhanga woodblock print, €260

100  Daniel Mc Keon Metaverse  Painting as Sign, 30cm x 40cm, Oil on Canvas, €750

101  Juliette Mary De La Mer Marine View, 28x25cm, Acrylic on canvas, €250

102  Ronan Mcmahon Transcend, 30 x 25 cm, Acrylic on canvas, €350

103  Noreen O'Hanlon Sunset Glory, 20X20cms, mixed media and linen on birch ply panel, €375

104  Noreen O'Hanlon A Sea of Dreams, 20X20cms, mixed media canvas on birch ply panel, €375

105  Noreen O'Hanlon Fields Of Colour, 30X30cms, mixed media and linen on birch ply panel, €550

106  Joan Finnegan Mellowdy, 40cm x 60cm, Acrylic on Canvas, €460

107  Derval Carroll Urban Intersection I, 30 x 30 cm., Acrylic, Oil & Cold Wax on canvas, €495.00

108  Maria Atanackovic Arial Perspective, 34x42cm, Reactive Print on Linen, €350

109  Anna Podlewska Brutalist, 42 x 55cm, Four colour Screen Print, €170 unframed €290 Framed

110  Anna Marie Savage Próiseas 6, 38cm x 28cm, Ink, Acrylic and Oil Bar on Fabriano, €740.00

111  Nicole O' Donnell Beneath The Surface, 90x90cm, Oil on Canvas, €590.00

112  Éadaoin Glynn Bedrock 1, 20x20cm, Acrylic on panel, framed in red neon, €350